Preschool is an exciting new adventure in your child’s life. Our teachers are dedicated to helping our preschoolers’ explore and develop their sense of self.

Children ages 2 ½ to 5 years old and potty trained are eligible for this program. Our daily schedule provides flexibility and consistency, as well as a good mix of physical play, social and emotional development and communication. All our early academic lessons are geared towards furthering their development.

We are open from 7am - 6pm with many different program options to suit the needs of your family. We offer Preschool Only, which is the academic part of our day, from 8:45 - 11:45 am. If care is need before or after that time, your child would be the daycare portion of the day. We offer two days, three days, and five day options. Our Preschool program begins mid-august and ends the Friday before Memorial Day. Daycare is offered year round.

For our academic day, we use HighScope, an “active participatory learning” curriculum that supports critical thinking and problem solving, along with social development. Children’s’ interests and choices are the heart of HighScope and children will learn to plan their activities, carry them out, and talk with others about what they have done and what they have learned with the curriculum’s Plan, Do, Review process. Our goals for CDC children are to learn through active play with people, ideas, and materials. We want our children to become independent, confident, and responsible. These goals will be met by following the 58 Key Developmental Indicators (KDIs). KDIs define the important learning areas for young children, which are; social and emotional development, physical development and health, language, literacy, and communication, mathematics, creative arts, science and technology, social studies, and approaches to learning.

 HighScope teachers will keep these indicators in mind while planning lessons and setting up their environment. We are excited to prepare our CDC children for school and life. We encourage you to read more about the HighScope curriculum at Our teachers track your child’s progress through our child assessment portfolio system and daily communication tools. Teachers use this information to share your child’s growth during Parent/Teacher Conferences.

Please call (540) 825-9798 to schedule a tour, request tuition prices and to receive enrollment forms. You may also email Amy at or Paula at