We know that for many people, life doesn't stop when the weather is bad; that's why we try to stay open as often as possible. As long as staffing is appropriate and our lot is clear , we will remain open. We do not follow Culpeper County's closure schedule, but do often share that we will be opening for daycare only if the county closes. We will always announce what we will be offering for care  via Facebook, e-mail, and Remind 101. Often we do not provide care for academic morning only preschool students when we are open for daycare only. We can alter that on a case by case basis if your family has a need. Because each snow storm is a bit different, our ability to provide may vary.

We try to announce by 5:30 am.

Nine times out of ten, if the county delays, we open for a regular day. If the county closes and our parking lot/staffing is in line, we will open for daycare only (children that are enrolled for full days).